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Provence Enduro Kid and Challenge draisienne

Réallon ski resort mountain bike

A weekend dedicated to children with a double event at Réallon resort!

  • Le PROVENCE ENDURO KID / 17 et 18 août 2024 c’est 4 spéciales dédiées aux enfants de 9 à 16 ans.

  • Le CHALLENGE DE DRAISIENNE / 17 août 2024 est destiné aux enfants par catégorie de 2, 3, 4 et 5 ans, filles et garçons. Récompense garantie pour tous

    Programme 2024 à venir …


Program 2023 (provisional) / PROVENCE ENDURO KID

Enduro event in resort format (timed special stages with individual starts and lift connections) open to young people aged 9 to 16, with or without an FFC license.


Saturday 19/08/23

1pm - 4pm: Welcome and distribution of rider packs (plates + stage map)
1:30 pm - 4:30 pm: Free reconnaissance

Reconnaissance is not compulsory, and the tracks can be ridden in the morning. However, the official card will not be issued until the plates have been handed over.

Sunday 20/08/23

4 special stages on the program (3 categories for pupils - benjamins / 4 categories for minimes - cadets)

8:30 am: Runners' briefing
9am: Start SP1 in order of category (Cadets to Pupils)
10:30 am: Start SP2
12pm: Lunch break
1pm: Start SP3
2:30 pm: Start SP4
4:30 pm: Prize-giving ceremony

This schedule gives you 1h30 between each stage and 1h lunch break. Allow at least 30min for the two chairlifts and 10min for the downhill mountain bike link to the start. Your race plaque will be your pass for the chairlifts.


A picnic lunch will be provided for each runner on Sunday lunchtime when they present their race badge at the stand at the start of the Clos des Aurans chairlift (snow front).


Registrations until 20/08/23


Program 2023 / KIDS RIDER BIKE 8th SEASON

Saturday 19/08/23 from 10am to 4pm / 1st CHALLENGE DRAISIENNES IN EUROPE

The CHALLENGE DE DRAISIENNE or KIDS RIDER BIKE is aimed at children who ride a draisienne; events are held in categories for 2, 3, 4 and 5 year-olds, girls and boys. All children are rewarded with medals and a snack. The course is a fun track adapted to children's ages. The event is run in a single round, with elimination heats taking place one after the other in groups (poules), followed by finals.

10 a.m. : Opening of the track to the public and participants and compulsory collection of plates
Possibility of registering on site before 12pm, subject to a limit of 30 places and available categories.
- Please bring your own bike and helmet.
- Plaques personalized with the child's first name can only be purchased online.
12pm: Registration closes on site
1:30 p.m.: Biefring and roll call (absentees will not be allowed to take part)
1:30 p.m.: Start of heats
- Departures in pools of 4, 3 or 2 children, depending on the number of participants and age category (2, 3, 4 and 5 years, girls and boys mixed)
- Semi-final and/or final, depending on number of participants
4 p.m.: End of the event
- Awards and snacks
- Closing of the track


Registrations from 24/04 to 6/08/23


'' "I'm here to win medals, especially the big shiny one, see my friends and sleep at the hotel." For her mom: "It's the only sport, where age isn't a brake, because no other sporting discipline is interested in little ones under 5. And especially in 'competition' mode, even if my little one plays it cool and anyway if on the day of the meet she doesn't feel like it we won't force her."
Lou, age 4, participant in the KID RIDER BIKE CHALLENGE