'' Our favorites in Réallon, the best of the resort on a single page!
Ripaaa Réallon

♡ Favorite slide: La Ripaaa!


Sledding in Réallon is 100% natural!

La Ripaaa, which means "slide" in local dialect, is a fitting name for this 4km-long, 600-meter-high toboggan run.

From the top of the resort, at 2146m above sea level, alone or accompanied, you set off on this trail of hairpins, banked turns and bumps for around forty minutes of thrills, slides and fun all the way to the snow front.

More information on La Ripaaa HERE and on the Ripaaa Race event HERE.


Fort de Réallon

♡ Heritage highlight: Fort de Réallon


A 30-minute walk above the main town takes you to an unsuspected plateau where this 12th-century fort sits enthroned, with its breathtaking panorama from the summit of the Barle to Lake Serre-Ponçon.

The ruins of the Réallon fort overlook the valley. The surviving ruins are the result of successive constructions, the first of which (a square tower) may date back to the 12th century and was reinforced by a 14th-century enclosure.

The role of these fortifications was to protect the population from brigands.

Practical information for this family hike HERE.

Panorama Réallon

♡ Mountain favorite:the Aiguilles de Chabrières


This summit, made up of several sharp needles, is like no other. A very "mountain" feel and atmosphere, but no real difficulties.

The steep but short ascent of the Brèche de Chabrières, right in the heart of the Aiguilles, is a feast for the eyes.

Then comes the strange discovery of the Oucanes, a veritable maze of limestone crevasses.

A hike you won't soon forget!

Practical information for this alpine and sporting hike HERE.

Giant's cooking pot

♡ "Water" favorite:La Marmite du Géant


The giant's cooking pot is located in the hamlet of Les Gourniers, on the discovery trail.

The term "giant's kettle" refers to a cavity dug by a stream into bedrock.

Here, the waters and pebbles of the Chargès torrent swirl, carving and polishing the cavity, giving it a spectacular shape.

Information for this digestive walk HERE.