6 family hikes in Réallon

Réallon family outing
'' If you want to introduce your children to nature and share these simple but unique emotions, Réallon is the mountain resort for you! Come and experience a change of scenery and reconnect with what's essential.
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From the resort or the valley, breathtaking scenery!

This summer, you're bringing the whole family and looking for hikes that will appeal to your budding hikers. Réallon is the hiking destination for you! It will appeal to young and old alike in search of authenticity and unspoilt nature. From the Réallon resort, take advantage of the panoramic chairlifts to the Serre du Mouton ridge. A breathtaking panorama of the Serre-Ponçon fjord, the Ecrins National Park and the Aiguilles de Chabrières. Let yourself be tempted by this aerial hike and set off to conquer this emblematic Serre-Ponçon mountain.

This summit, made up of several sharp needles, is like no other. A very "mountain" feel and atmosphere, but no real difficulties. The steep but short ascent of the Brèche de Chabrières, right in the heart of the Aiguilles, is a feast for the eyes. Then comes the strange discovery of the Oucanes, a veritable maze of limestone crevasses. A hike you won't soon forget!

From the brèche, access to the Aiguilles summit is possible, but the route is steep and unmarked. Not recommended for children.

Réallon's panoramic chairlifts offer a gentle way to discover the mountain. From the Serre du Mouton ridge, a number of other downhill trails lead to the resort, where you can relax and enjoy a meal on the sunny terraces.

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Family hikes departing from the resort

La cabane Joubelle

The Cabane Joubelle is the first hike you should make when you arrive in Réallon: easy to find, the start is just above the resort's large parking lot. The trail is wide and welcoming...impossible to get lost!

The gradient is almost non-existent if you make the round trip to the hut from the resort, the undergrowth is pleasant, the hut is ideal for a bite to eat and the first views of the Serre-Ponçon lake are already appreciated.

If you opt for the loop that takes you back to the entrance to the resort, at the level of the chèvrerie, you'll discover the little Lac de Saint-Apollinaire, a peaceful little glacial lake, ideal for no-kill fly-fishing or simply for enjoying nature. If you're feeling brave, you can go for a swim, but don't wait too long - don't forget the return trip to the resort!

The Joubelle trail leading to the hut of the same name can be seen on the map of pedestrian and mountain bike routes, bottom left, above the parking lot. Allow 2 hours' walk to the hut and back, and 3 hours for the loop via Lac de Saint-Apollinaire.

The Joubelle hut can also be reached from Lac de Saint-Apollinaire.

The descent of the Serre du Mouton ridge

This is undoubtedly the resort's most remarkable and popular itinerary, and for good reason: it offers remarkable views of Lac de Serre-Ponçon and the surrounding mountains!

Please note: for the purposes of this "family hikes" page, we recommend that you use the Serre du Mouton trail only on the way down, and not on the Panoramic chairlifts on the way up.

And beware of those with weak knees, as this is a 600-meter descent on a mountain trail. The use of poles is highly recommended to take the strain off your joints. Of course, it's perfectly possible to do this trail on the way up, but that might make it harder to get the kids to walk!

The Serre du Mouton trail can be seen on the map of pedestrian and mountain bike routes, at the start of the Joubelle trail, above the parking lot and at the arrival of the Chabrière chairlift.


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Family hikes departing from the Chef-lieu de Réallon

The Réallon fort

A very pleasant site in a wild environment with a touch of heritage - that's how you could sum up this hike!

The huge meadow behind the castle is the best playground for children (there's room for a real soccer match!), but beware of the castle walls, whose ruins can be dangerous for children tempted to climb them.

Find all the practical and mapped information you need to get to Château de Réallon.

The Terrace Trail

Discover the agricultural heritage of a mountain village in a sunny, rural setting. Between agricultural terraces, large meadows and a tumultuous stream, you may come across sheep, but you're unlikely to come across many tourists.

Find all the practical information and maps you need to explore the Terrasses trail.

Family outings from Les Gourniers

La Chapelle Saint-Marcellin

This is the classic hike into the central zone of the Ecrins National Park, following the valley down to the Chargès mountain pastures. The environment here is more austere, the slopes steeper, and we're entering the world of high mountains, but that's the price we have to pay if we're to catch a glimpse of chamois!

The Ecrins National Park Visitor Center at Les Gourniers offers exhibitions and animal spotting through a telescope.

Find all the practical and mapped information you need to discover Chapelle Saint-Marcellin

The Ousella loop

Recently created by agents of the Ecrins National Park, this loop is a beautiful hike. After some lovely undergrowth, the landscape opens out onto the valley.

It's not uncommon to spot large birds of prey, such as the Short-toed Eagle, the Golden Eagle and even the Griffon Vulture, with its 2.80-metre wingspan!

In full bloom in spring and early summer, the meadows are a veritable invitation to contemplation, unless you have the energy and motivation to visit the small Lac du Laus. But for that, you'll need to add almost 500 metres of ascent.

Find all the practical information and maps for the Oussela loop.



  • Check the Hautes-Alpes weather forecast: +33 (0)8 99 71 02 05 or the mountain weather forecast for the Embrun Parpaillon massif.
  • Let your family and hosts know about your itinerary.
  • Equip yourself with: good walking shoes, warm waterproof clothing, sunglasses, hats, water bottles, snacks and sun cream.
  • Don't take shortcuts: leaving a trail is the best way to get lost.
  • We strongly advise you to bring an IGN TOP 25 map Ref.3437 ET, 3438 ET.

So that everyone can enjoy the beauty that nature has to offer, let's respect it!