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Full Moon evenings

040223192955 - Rémi Morel - OT Serre-Ponçon (2)


'' Skiing by moonlight: a magical moment in the heart of the Réallon resort!
  • 040223182955 - Rémi Morel - OT Serre-Ponçon

    Night skiing in the moonlight

    For the past 5 years, the Réallon ski resort has been organizing a " Full Moon Evening " event that will delight all ski lovers, from the youngest to the oldest, in search of a change of scenery. Come and put on your skis as night falls. It's night skiing and an exceptional evening!
    Take to the slopes lit only by the night sky at its peak: a unique experience you won't soon forget. Come and prolong the pleasures of skiing and experience a unique moment on the slopes. All the conditions are there: no crowds on the slopes, breathtaking scenery, silence and, above all, new icy sensations!


A unique ski and astral program

From 6pm to 10pm, the Réallon ski area opens its doors in honor of the full moon! With family or friends, come and enjoy a unique night-skiing experience, illuminated only by this beautiful luminous star! Lift ticket offices open at 5pm, price €12.

An evening to discover skiing in a different way, enjoy the unique sensation of night skiing and create fabulous memories.

Enter the competition for the most beautiful "light decoration"!

In addition to a headlamp, and for your own safety, your "luminous decorations" will be a plus on this evening. With illuminated skis, poles, jackets and/or hats, the resort will reward the best-lit skiers with numerous prizes to be won!

The Régie des remontées reserves the right to postpone the event by one day or more depending on weather conditions.

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'' Nothing more was needed for this marvellous break from the world.
Céline R