A day at the Réallon bike park

'' Riding at the foot of the Aiguilles de Chabrières, on a balcony above Lac de Serre-Ponçon - that's mountain biking at Réallon!

Réallon: the nature version of the bike park!

Bikes loaded on the chairlifthead for the summit for a full descent of the bike park. 600m of vertical drop in one go, a great way to start the day and wake up your forearms.

Opening times and information for panoramic chairlifts

Norman Lancelot
OT Serre-Ponçon

A breathtaking view

A light breeze cools the atmosphere, the weather is perfect today. The arrival at the top of the Chabrières chairlift is always a magical moment. The Aiguilles stand out against the blue sky, imposing themselves as the main motif of the scenery until the lake emerges from the ridge, spreading its turquoise waters as far as the eye can see. Click on the photo of the summit, and it's already time to set off on the Chabrières piste, THE resort piste.


Sensations guaranteed

The first banked turns follow on from each other in the pebbles, and a traverse later, a jump comes into view. Pick up speed, momentum, take-off and you're on the crest of the Serre du Mouton and its beautiful earth. Speed increases and the runway slips away under your wheels. There's plenty of grip, and the support is more solid. What a pleasure to ride on this ridge... Further down, a small freeride variation on the right of the track allows you to roll over a large boulder with excellent grip.

Driving in the heart of the Larch

The descent continues through the mountain pastures, alternating banked turns, jumps and footbridges. The track is playful and requires constant piloting. As we enter the forest, we change tracks and head for Mélez'in. The blue track becomes smoother and faster. The trees go by as quickly as the bends and whoops under the wheels. Cries of joy ring out between the larches.

Rémi Morel - DH
OT Serre-Ponçon

Here we go again...

You're back on the snow front. A few more banked turns, linked by modules, and the run comes to an end. At the foot of the chairlift, you can finally catch your breath and let the brake discs cool down. But the urge to ride is stronger and you're already on your way back up.

Réallon, technical version

For this second descent, you'll stay on the upper part of the resort to ride the Oucanes red run. Traced in spring 2019, it offers a magnificent sequence of banked turns directly below the chairlift. It's the ideal way to get your bearings on the way up and enjoy the view of other riders from the chairlift. Shorter, the rotation is faster and you're back at the top of the resort. As you contemplate the scenery, you'll be wondering what to do next.

OT Serre-Ponçon

The Diablée black run promises an intense, steep descent over rocks and roots. The enduro itineraries offer wilder descents in the forest, hidden from view, with technical singles, narrow hairpins and numerous natural obstacles.

Last but not least, around the bike park, you'll also have access to cross-country mountain bike itineraries that will make for great days out in the mountains, with family or friends. The itinerary map is on sale at Serre-Ponçon Tourist Information Offices for 3€, and can be consulted or downloaded from Serre-Ponçon's tourist documentation. You'll find the following itineraries:

Now you know everything! From bike park to mountain bike, beginner or expert, everything is possible at Réallon.

'' Learn to ride, improve your skills, enjoy the thrill of downhill mountain biking, with state-certified MCF instructors to guide you in complete safety...