La Ripaaa, the Réallon exception!

ripaaa luge station
'' A unique and completely mad adventure in Réallon!
Ripaaa sled

Why not take advantage of your ski vacation this year to try your hand at sledging?

More technical than you might think, this toboggan run offers 40 minutes of thrills and spills !

Can't wait to get on that red sled and hurtle down the slope? Then follow us on this crazy downhill ride!

Ripaaa Réallon

To each his own!

With your feet, hands and mouth open, it's not so easy to take the best trajectory on this toboggan run, which turns out to be more technical than you might think.

A few tips:

  • Don't take your feet off the sled to brake... unless you want to get a lot of snow in your face!
  • Use the brakes gently - they're sensitive! But it's best to brake with your hands. It's up to you to try, but if you do, wear good gloves.
  • It's not advisable to stop on the course, so if you do, pull over to the side and look behind you to make sure one of your colleagues isn't coming at full speed.
ripaaa luge station
La Ripaaa Night Rally

At night, under the stars with a headlamp (supplied) or in the moonlight, the sensations are multiplied tenfold! Your senses are in turmoil! Intoxicated by adrenalin and the cool evening air, all you want to do once you've crossed the finish line is do it all over again!

The RIPAAA is an original activity, ideal for friendly competition between family and friends... so who's going to get there first?