Meeting with the events manager

'' Edouard, head of the events department at the Réallon resort
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Hi Edouard, can you tell us about your career path up to your arrival at the Réallon station?

I'm originally from the south of the Seine-et-Marne region, more precisely from Nemours, my home town where I've always lived. Nestling close to the Fontainebleau forest, this region is renowned for its imposing climbing boulders. After several years' experience as a camp organizer and a STAPS degree in the Paris region, I continued my studies in this field. During my third year of a GDOSSL (Gestion et Développement des Organisations et des Services Sportifs et de Loisirs) degree in Gap, I was lucky enough to join the Réallon ski resort team as an intern. Following a rather demanding winter season, the position of events department manager opened up, and I seized the opportunity by applying to take it on.

  • Trafanou Luge in Réallon

    What do you love most about your job?

    What I love most about my job is the opportunity to create unforgettable moments for holidaymakers. I'm always adapting, constantly evolving and using my activities to help people discover the charms of the resort. The diversity of the activities we offer, from torch-lit descents to encounters with the mascot Trafanou, highlights with flagship events like the Ripaaa Race mythical luge race, or the Full Moon night skiing in the moonlight, allows me to stimulate their enthusiasm. Ultimately, helping to make their vacations memorable is what motivates me every day.

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    What responsibilities does your job entail?

    My aim is to entertain holidaymakers all day long and make their stay dynamic. In winter, there's skiing during the day, then lantern-lit descents, shows and concerts in the evening. In order to meet their expectations, put smiles on their faces and generate joy, I'm constantly listening to their feedback. Their comments influence the organization of the resort's various events, building confidence by incorporating their suggestions. By keeping an eye on emerging trends, I'm constantly looking for innovations that can be applied to the après-ski time slots, while maintaining a strong presence on the resort throughout the day.

Trafanou paragliding at Réallon
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Do you wear a distinctive outfit so that holidaymakers can spot you around the resort?

I wear the same outfit as the lift personnel, but from time to time you can spot me wearing brown fur and horns on my head. I'm Trafanou, the resort's mischievous mascot, a playful chamois who loves to entertain, tease, hand out sweets and take photos with the kids. On Monday evenings, I take part in the instructors' torch-lit descent, on Thursdays in the children's lantern-lit descent, and I've even been known to take to the skies in a paraglider! You'll also find me at all the resort's major events, such as the Trafanelle and the Gourniers Nordic carnival.

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    What would be your advice for a good start to your vacation in Réallon?

    I highly recommend taking part in the welcome drink on Sunday evening. It's the perfect opportunity to get to know each other, and I take the opportunity to memorize each child's first name. During this event, everyone can discover the full program of activities for the week, and meet the resort's professionals who present their activities.

Réallon welcome drink

What's your special moment with holidaymakers?

My favorite moment comes on Friday morning, just before the chairlifts open, when I take my snowmobile to the top of the resort. At that moment, the piste is still immaculate, without a trace of skiing. I prepare coffee, tea, chocolate and pastries, then wait for the first customers, alone, at the top of the resort, with the sunrise over Lake Serre Ponçon as a panorama. Among them are often a few ski-touring enthusiasts, having climbed early in the morning to catch the first rays of the sun and enjoy the panoramic view over Lac de Serre-Ponçon.

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Why would you recommend Réallon to future holidaymakers?

I would highly recommend the Réallon resort to future holidaymakers for several reasons. First of all, the warm, friendly atmosphere here creates a unique experience. The varied entertainment we offer throughout the week guarantees a dynamic and entertaining stay for visitors of all ages. What's more, the natural beauty of the site, with its breathtaking views of Lac de Serre-Ponçon from the peaks, adds an exceptional dimension to the experience. Whether for ski enthusiasts, relaxation seekers or families looking for memorable moments, Réallon offers an incomparable winter destination.